Micro-SaaS Monthly

By Keanan Koppenhaver

Micro-SaaS Monthly: a newsletter detailing the ups and downs of acquiring and running a small software company.

Micro-SaaS Monthly: a newsletter detailing the ups and downs of acquiring and running a small software company.

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[MSM #10] Traction

Before we dive in, I have just a couple things that I thought you, the readers, might like to know about.


[MSM #9] October 2021 Month in Review

Revenue continues to hold steady for Kanban for WordPress, even though we haven't been able to execute on the product/marketing improvements that we have wanted to make. This is a great sign and one of the reasons we wanted to acquire the business in the firs…


[MSM #8] Deal Breakdown: WP Pusher and Branch

After completing the acquisition of Kanban for WordPress in April, I was looking forward to running the business, making some of the improvements we had targeted and getting involved in the broader Micro-SaaS community across the web.However, just a couple we…


[MSM #7] September 2021 Month in Review

While some in the WordPress space reported some slow months in the late summer, we had a pretty solid August/September. We haven't had any huge marketing pushes yet and are still working on retooling some things behind the scenes. However, for a product that'…


[MSM #6] July 2021 Month in Review

Monthly Revenue for June: $1,909.35 (+43%)As we start to see more of these monthly numbers come in, I'm realizing just how inconsistent SaaS revenue can be, especially when you're charging annually for your product and it's at a relatively small scale. Normal…


[MSM #5 ] June 2021 Month in Review

Monthly Revenue for June: $1,334.06 (-26%)Things were definitely a bit more frothy this month, with a number of customers churning and what seemed like slower signups in general. We didn't have much activity at all in the first couple weeks, with most of the …


[MSM #4] How important are technical skills?

I often get asked about the value of having technical skills when investing in a Micro-SaaS business. Technical skills exist on a spectrum that covers a wide range, from knowing how to operate a WordPress site all the way to being a developer with many years …


MSM #3 - May 2021 Month in Review

PRE-S: I'm currently working on financing another plugin acquisition by raising a round of debt in increments of $10,000 for a 5 year term at 10% interest. If you're interested in joining the round or want to learn more, just hit reply to this email or DM me …


MSM #2 - Reader Mailbag

How did you come to an agreement on equity splits? There was definitely lots of back and forth about this. We created a 3 member LLC, so we wanted to have the equity set up in a way that prevented dead lock voting if it really came down to it. That said, we a…


MSM #1 - From 0 to Buying a Company

For more than a few years now, I've been on FE International's email list as a buyer looking at various businesses for sale. I've always been interested in going through the information provided on these businesses and thinking about how I'd add value if I bo…